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Saturday 28 September 2019

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf - BONHAMS AUCTIONS Collectors' Motor Cars including a Private Collection of Supercars Cheserex, Switzerland Sunday 29th September 2019


Collectors' Motor Cars including a Private 
Collection of Supercars
 Sunday 29th September 2019

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

Chassis no. SCFTMDCS5GGS50049
• One of only 120 produced

• Delivered new to Kuwait
• Only 83 kilometres covered
• 'As new' condition
• Registered in Kuwait


  • "This is a Rolls-Royce Phantom gold or Bentley Mulsanne look positively mass-produced, and that will be the core of its appeal to the super-affluent who want exclusivity above anything else." - Coach.

    Aston Martin's periodic revivals of the Lagonda brand last saw the name applied to William Towns 'modernist masterpiece, otherwise known as the' Wedge ', in 1976. A strikingly styled four-door luxury saloon, Towns' Lagonda remained in production until May 1990, by which time has total of 645 had been built. Almost 20 years would pass before Aston Martin's new management considered a revival of the Lagonda brand. To everyone's surprise, this latest edition was a four-wheel-drive SUV, developed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, which was unveiled as a concept car at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The newcomer with the reviews of Lagonda enthusiasts everywhere was quietly dropped. Fortunately, a few years ago Aston Martin had a more appropriate design under consideration: the Taraf,

    Aston Martin's Q division, which specializes in bespoke cars and customizing existing models to customer specifications. The final full-size model was completed in January 2014, only after the first studio sketches had been submitted. The Taraf was intended as a homage to Towns' Lagonda, though its styling was very much mainstream, something that could not be said for its famous predecessor.
    The Taraf used the Aston Martin VH Generation 3 chassis platform, as found in the Aston Martin DB9 and Fast, but with a longer wheelbase, while the body panels were made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. Almost all of the additional wheelbase was taken up by the owner, who was supposed to be the most important person. Borrowed from other Aston Martin models, especially the Fast, the ultra-luxurious interior featured console-mounted push-button transmission controls, an infotainment system, Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1.000W audio system, and premium leather upholstery. There have been various trim options available, ranging from traditional leather and wood veneer to modern carbon fiber.

    Powering the Taraf was Aston's familiar 6.0-litre 48-valve V12 engine, the latter producing 533bhp and driving the rear wheels via a ZF eight-speed automatic Touchtronic III rear transaxle. Its makers claimed a 0-100km / h (0-62mph) time of 4.4 seconds for the Taraf and a maximum speed of 314km / h (195mph).

    Aston Martin's target market was the Middle East ('taraf' means 'side' in Turkish) and the Lagonda was said to have clocked up some 14,000 miles (23,000 kilometres) of testing in temperatures of 30-50 ° C. The Taraf was subsequently unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show where its $ 1 million price tag gets as much as the car itself. Motor Trend's Angus MacKenzie remarked: "This $ 1 million sedan, hand-built by Aston Martin, makes Mercedes-Maybach S600 more affordable than ever."

    Production started in 2015, with Aston Martin stating that only 100 cars would be made. When Andy Palmer took over the company's CEO, he decided to market the Taraf in markets worldwide. The number of cars planned was increased to 200 but in the event only had been delivered to the end of December 2016.

    Appropriately enough, considering the model's original purpose, this Lagonda Taraf was delivered new to Kuwait. Presented in effectively 'as new' condition, having covered a mere 83 kilometres since it left the Gaydon factory, this ultra-rare and immensely desirable piece of motoring exotica is offered to a Kuwaiti Registration Card.

    VAT, Car Tax and Customs Duty at the standard rates will be payable on this lot if the remains in Switzerland.

    Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes of that year.

    ◊ Note: If you wish to bid on this Lot, special formalities are required. Contact Customer Services at +44 20 7447 7447 / in advance of the sale. Please also note Online Bidding is not available for this Lot.



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