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Friday 25 October 2019

1899 Peugeot 2¼hp Tricycle - BONHAMS AUCTIONS London to Brighton Sale Friday 1st November 2019 New Bond Street Saleroom, London


London to Brighton Sale
Friday 1st November 2019
New Bond Street Saleroom, London

1899 Peugeot 2¼hp Tricycle
Registration no. BS 8707
Chassis no. 290
*Rare early tricycle with original Peugeot two-speed gearbox

*Recent restoration by Gilbert Warning
*VCC dated
*Also eligible for De Dion Tricycle events
  • Formerly producers of tools, coffee mills, umbrella spikes and corsetry, Peugeot commenced its long-standing connection with transport in 1885 when it added cycle manufacture to its portfolio. Amongst the world's oldest surviving motor manufacturers, the company commenced car production in 1889 with a steam-powered tri-car but soon abandoned steam in favour of the internal combustion engine, building a succession of ever-larger automobiles before introducing the first of its famous Bébé light cars in 1900.

    Before then, and in common with many of its European contemporaries, Peugeot had built tricycles powered by the ubiquitous De Dion Bouton single-cylinder engine. Engineer Georges Bouton's power units developed significantly greater output than those of rivals Daimler and Benz yet matched them for reliability. Small wonder then that De Dion Bouton engines were adopted by many other manufacturers of tricycles, quadricycles, and light cars, both in Europe and the United States, influenced no doubt by the success of the flying tricycles in such events as the Paris-Bordeaux and other endurance races. Early 137cc engines ran at speeds of up to 1,500rpm, while the 250cc engine of 1896 developed approximately 1¾hp and made the contemporary Benz engines seem positively antiquated.

    The stunning early Peugeot tricycle offered here is powered by a single-cylinder De Dion engine rated at 2¼hp and is rare in retaining its original Peugeot two-speed gearbox. The tricycle has just been beautifully restored in Holland by Gilbert Warning, and 'before' and 'after' photographs were published earlier this year in the VCC Gazette's Dating section. Many such Veterans have been restored using lots of new parts and tubing, but the vendor wanted to emphasise this Peugeot's originality. Accordingly, this immaculate restoration was undertaken to retain as many original parts as possible, with some pitting to the frame tubes left before repainting to show the tubing's originality. As the rebuild has only recently competed, the engine requires running in. VCC dated, this delightful little Peugeot also qualifies for De Dion tricycle events on account of its De Dion engine. A De Dion tricycle carburettor is the only notified deviation from factory specification.


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