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Thursday 9 May 2019

1989 UAZ JEEP - COYS AUCTIONS Chiswick House Sale Saturday 18th May 2019 Chiswick House, London W4 2QN


Chiswick House Sale
Saturday 18th May 2019
Chiswick House, London
W4 2QN

Chasis No: XTU31512700204752

The UAZ-469 is an off-road military light utility vehicle manufactured by UAZ. It was used by Soviet and other Warsaw Pact armed forces, as well as paramilitary units in Eastern Bloc countries. In the Soviet Union, it also saw widespread service in state organizations that needed a robust and durable off-road vehicle. Standard military versions included seating for seven personnel.

Developed from the GAZ-69 and UAZ-460, the UAZ-469 was introduced in 1971 to replace the GAZ-69. It was powered by the same 75bhp 2,445cc UMZ 452MI inline-four engine as the UAZ-452 and was able to run on gasoline with an octane rating as low as 72. The UAZ-469 presented two great advantages: it was able to drive in virtually any terrain and it was very easy to repair.
Modifications include a basic UAZ-469B with a ground clearance of 220mm, and a specialized military UAZ-469, with ground clearance increased to 300mm. After slight modernisation in 1985, due to new industry designation standards, they were renamed: the UAZ-469 became the “UAZ-3151”, while the UAZ-469B became the “UAZ-31512”.
This UAZ 31512, finished in its correct military green paintwork is a very interesting car indeed. Remaining in good condition throughout, what great value for money car it represents with the UAZ brand (GAZ) being hugely undervalued, however still in production today and very successful in Eastern Europe and Germany.
Offered at No Reserve on 18th May 2019 at Chiswick House.

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