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Monday 20 February 2017


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25th & 26th February 2017
Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Registration: SVN246D
Chassis Number: 116096041
Engine Number: 0914527
Year of Manufacture: 1966
Estimate (£): 15,000 - 20,000

Originally designed as effective transport for the German masses, the Volkswagen Beetle emerged as an automotive success story after the Second World War, becoming popular throughout Europe, America and the rest of the world. As time went on, the car was improved and developed with no less than 70,000 identifiable modifications during its production run, which encompassed over 15 million vehicles globally. 

On the 9th August 1966, Mrs Violet Winifred Hall took delivery of this one-year-old 1966, 50hp, 1300 Volkswagen Beetle from Jacksons Garage Ltd in Guernsey (part of the Five Oaks Motor Group) which her family owned.  She planned to use it as her daily driver but did not drive it very much at all, and every service is detailed in the service book.
PDI on 09/08/1966 at 198 miles Lubrication service and inspection 10/09/1966 at 381 miles Lubrication service 29/04/1968 at 2154 miles

Service 13/03/1969 at 3054 miles (tyres rotated) Service 17/06/1971 5330 miles Service 21/04/1972 6356 miles (tyres rotated)
17/06/1971 tyres rotated Service 4/05/1973 at 7180 miles (tyres rotated and new spark plugs) Service 20/12/1974 at 8667 miles
Service 04/11/1975 at 9520 miles (brake check) Turned 10,000 miles on 21/06/1976 Service 20/06/1977 at 11,000 miles
Service 28/09/1978 at 11,775 miles Service 21/08/1979 at 12,200 miles Service 28/02/1990 at 15,684 miles (brake fluid change)
Service 10/02/1994 at 15,961 miles Service 08/05/1998 at 15,986 miles Service 10/06/2010 at 17,419 miles
Mileage is still under 17,800 miles.

As the car was a Guernsey car from new, it always wore the plate 17318 (still with the car) although it's now registered in the UK.  Mrs Hall passed away in 1990, at which point the car was put into the family’s VW showroom alongside new stock and was cover featured in 'VW Motoring' magazine in May 1991 (issue with the car).  Around this time, the car moved to storage at the family home until 2006 when the Five Oaks Group closed down and the car passed to a private collector, Lester Torode.  The car was shipped to England in approx. 2008 and came to our vendor in 2012 where it has remained as part of a wider collection.  The car was again magazine featured in 'Volksworld' in the June 2009 edition. (Again a copy with the car). 

This car has never been restored, presents in broadly original condition, and the engine has enjoyed regular servicing. The interior presents very nicely indeed with the only major thing to note being a piece of beading coming away on the driver's seat, but other than that it's a comfortable place to be. The exterior is wonderful in its Java Green paint with straight panels and good panel fit all round.  There have been touch ups over the years and it's worth noting that the front bumper was re-chromed around 2006 and a new rear bumper was fitted at this time also.
This car really needs to be seen to be believed, as there are not many opportunities to purchase a car this original, with this mileage, and lots of history from this era.


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