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Saturday, 5 May 2018

1980 PORSCHE 911 (930) TURBO RINSPEED R69 - SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS Saturday 19th MAY 2018 The Wing, Silverstone Circuit, Towcester NN12 8TL


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Saturday 19th MAY 2018
The Wing, Silverstone Circuit, Towcester NN12 8TL

Registration: FCX 18
Chassis Number: 93A0070286
Engine Number: 6700265
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 3299
Year of Manufacture: 1980
RHD/LHD: Right Hand Drive
Estimate (£): 80,000 - 90,000
(+buyer's premium of 15% including VAT @ 20%)

  • Purchased from JCT in 1980, and used by the original owner and his family to cover the genuine 69,000 miles
  • Entrusted to Rinspeed AG of Switzerland in 1983 for a full 'Turbo Body and Wheels' conversion
  • Repainted and finished in the company's distinctive Pearl White with colour-coded, ultra-wide, Gotti split-rim alloys
  • Maintained and serviced by Porsche dealers from new. A comprehensive history with all invoices and service records 
  • Recently brought out of ten year's secure storage by JCT and fully recommissioned at a cost of over £11,000
  • Currently being professionally repainted in Pearl White. The original, check-cloth and leather, the interior is in immaculate condition
  • Registration number FCX 18 will remain with the car

In the same way that the Morris Minor, VW Beetle, and Fiat 500 will always be associated with the 1950s, and the Mini, Jaguar E-Type and Lotus Cortina are synonymous with the 'Swinging Sixties', the poster-boys of the late 1970s were undoubtedly the Lamborghini Countach and the Porsche Turbo. The 911 (930) Turbo was aspirational from the day it was introduced in 1975 and remained desirable until it was replaced by the 964 in 1990. I imagine that anyone in a position to buy a new Turbo would feel pretty pleased with themselves, however, there are always one or two individuals who feel the need to take things just that bit further. One such was Bruce Aspinall, who was perhaps best known for introducing all-wool 'Berber' carpets to the UK, marketed under the brand name 'Rusticana'. The product was well received and his company, Aspinall Brothers, flourished during the late seventies. In early 1980, he was discussing the choice of his next car with the sales team at JCT Porsche in Leeds and it was suggested that he may like to consider their 930 Turbo demonstrator which had only covered around 75 miles. After a test drive, the deal was done and he took delivery of the Turbo in February 1980.
All was going well and he was enjoying his top-of-the-range Porsche until one day his attention was drawn to the 'Rinspeed 969'-930 Turbo. Founded in Switzerland by Frank Rinderknecht in 1979, Rinspeed quickly carved out a reputation for producing dramatic concept cars for the annual Geneva Motor Show. However, in the early eighties, Rinspeed's stock in trade was turning out "outrageously modified cars for the massively wealthy" and he created a whole range of mental 911-based machines of which this, the Rinspeed Porsche 969, was the pinnacle.

The 969 (later R69) started life as a standard 911 Turbo and Rinderknecht's starting point when he restyled the car was the pop-up headlight units from the Porsche 944. That car's squared-off look was carried through to its logical conclusion: a completely new nose was added along with massive, straked side intakes, an extended rear deck built around the lights, and the rear panel from that 944. Contrary to popular belief, the side strakes were not copied from the Ferrari Testa Rossa as the early Rinspeed cars were being built two years before the Ferrari was unveiled in 1984.
So in early 1983, Mr Aspinall's Turbo was sent over to Rinspeed for a full Rinspeed Turbo Body and wheels conversion, when it was also repainted and finished in the unmistakable Rinspeed Pearl White with colour-coded, ultra wide, Gotti split-rim alloy wheels. Upon completion, the car was used as a show car for the Geneva Motor Show before returning to be used by Bruce right up until his death in 2011. Ownership had been transferred to his company shortly after first registration but the car was used by Bruce alone from new, however, after his passing, it was re-registered in his wife's name, as on the log book now, so the number of owners showing is three after JCT (Mr Aspinall, his company, and Mrs Aspinall).

The car then sat in his aircraft hanger beside his helicopter for several years until the decision was made to bring it out of storage and have it recommissioned. This was carried out by JCT at a cost of over £11,000, including all new fuel lines and fuel tank, new fuel pumps, engine studs replaced, turbo reconditioned, new brakes and lines etc. A Patrick Motorsport upgraded exhaust was also fitted at this time. Subsequently, they have just replaced the cam chain tensioners, fitted a new upgraded oil fed system and the engine has been fully checked and all cosmetics enhanced.
The Rinspeed is fresh from a first-class respray in Rinspeed Pearl White, however, the interior was immaculate in its original check-cloth trim so was left undisturbed. The mileage is 69,000 substantiated by the many invoices for servicing and maintenance.
This is a very rare 'time-warp' car from one family ownership, with a full Porsche history, and in superb condition. Its looks are certainly distinctive (two years before the Testa Rossa appeared) but it was a wild child of the eighties when 'auto-indulgence' (in fact indulgence in most things) was the norm. It's a very usable, completely refreshed, Porsche Turbo in a 'party-frock' and, as such, is an important part of social history.

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