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Wednesday 5 April 2017

1953 LAMBRETTA 125 FD - COYS AUCTIONS SPRING CLASSICS Royal Horticultural Society 12th April

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Royal Horticultural Society, Lindley Hall, Vincent Square
Westminster, London,

Viewing: Tuesday 11th April 2017 12Noon to 8:00pm
On the day from 10am until start of sale


Although an FA model was shown in the first brochures, this model was actually put into production, certainly some were made for evaluation purposes, but the first model you could actually purchase off the production line from Innocenti was this the FB.
Three versions of box were offered on the FC as with the FB, but you could also purchase the scooter as a chassis only option. Wooden box, aluminium compartment, or an open wooden box, although the single headlight at the front had now been moved to the top of the box, to stop it getting broken while parking as with the earlier models.
Wheel size was increased to 4 inches, to aid and improve stability, but even this model of three wheeled Lambretta did not sell as well as Lambretta had hoped for.
The most important change on the new FD models was moving the load carrying compartments to the rear of the vehicle, a single wheel was now at the front with the load carrying two wheels at the rear.
The front end of the FD was taken directly from the D model of scooter, the frame was made up by a single large section of tubing which was attached through various welds to some rectangular tubes to make the base of the load carrying section.
Now the mechanicals of the new design could not drive the rear wheel directly, a new transmission was designed which used a shaft, differential and two axles to move the scooter along.

The 125cc engine still did not gain much power the previous models, top speed topped out at a maximum speed of just over 30mph (45kmh). Front drum brake was operated from the lever on the handle bars, whilst the two rear brakes we operated by a hydraulic set up.
Imported by its current owner in 2005, this wonderful FD has been restored regardless of cost and was registered for road use by him in 2011. Forming part of a significant Italian collection of cars and motorbikes in west London we are reliably informed that the scooter can make 35km on 1 litre of two stroke fuel! This wonderful piece of Italian motorcycle history would make a magnificent addition to any collection.



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