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Wednesday 20 July 2016


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Silverstone Classic Sale 2016 - now consigning


The Escort RS2000 was the last car to be introduced to Ford's 'Advanced Vehicle'  range in June of 1973 and dovetailed nicely with its performance almost comparable to the more complex RS1600, but with the reliability and ease of maintenance of the Mexico. The car used the same Type 49 bodyshell as the Mexico and RS1600, however, there was a new engine in use at Ford, the 2-litre overhead cam, 100bhp, 'Pinto' design, which seemed, on paper, ideal for the RS. Fords then had the major problem of persuading the new bulky Pinto engine to fit into the engine bay, which was something it had never been designed to do. The only way of achieving this was by discarding the engine driven cooling fan and replacing it with a thermostatically controlled Kenlowe unit. The most appropriate gearbox was the German 'E-box', which was totally different to the one fitted to the RS1600, and the final drive was 3.54:1. The car was launched in England on 11th October 1973 priced at £1,586.
This particular Mk1 RS2000 was restored by 'Tick Over' of Dartford in Kent a couple of years ago and can be seen on their website homepage of vehicles they have restored over recent years. The vendor informs us that "OGS 396M bursts instantly into life with the first twist of the key. The four-speed manual is a delight to use, offering tight responsive shifts, and the car surges forward with the slightest tap of the throttle pedal but remains very manageable at all times. Everything feels tight and well put together, with no rattles or groans in evidence anywhere. Handling is super tight and responsive and the car drives superbly".
The restoration has been carried out to a very high standard, panel fit is superb throughout, the chrome work is bright and untarnished, and the doors open and close with a solid thud with no sign of droop or misalignment. Internally the cloth seats are in excellent order and are complemented by superb door cards and carpet set.
This RS2000 boasts an exceptionally well-presented engine bay, suggesting that the engine rebuild has been carried out to the same high standard as the bodywork. Wiring is neat and tidy all round, as is the underneath of the car, so the new owner can display this car with pride at any car show. 
Having spent some time in a collection of 'Sporting Fords' and with a mileometer reading of 85,500 miles indicating that it hasn't gone very far since its restoration, this RS remains in beautiful condition and is being sold with a fresh MoT.
In bright Banana Yellow, with its colour-coded Cibies, correct wheels, and period graphics, this 1974 2000RS is absolutely 'on the money' when it comes to the current classic car market. In the mid-seventies this would have been the car 'to be seen in', and in 2016, we think it has returned to that status.

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