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Wednesday 23 September 2015



146 - 1984 Lamborghini Countach 5000 S- 1 registered owner from new


Estimate: €400,000 - €500,000
Registration Number: German Registered
Chassis Number: ZA9C00500ELA12675
Few would deny that Lamborghini's Countach is the quintessential supercar. It was built by a talented and passionate team of designers and engineers with the purpose of being the most extrovert and outrageous car available for the street. As a replacement for the fabulous Miura this was a tall order, but there can be no doubt that they succeeded, and even today, though there are more modern cars and faster cars (a tiny number), it is the Countach which will draw people's attention like no other car. The stunning styling was by Bertone's Marcello Gandini and when the first prototype was revealed as project 112, one of the factory workers exclaimed “Countach”, a local Piemontese expletive, roughly translated as “Wow!” The name stuck.
Incorporating race car technology, it was an automotive tour de force. With its back-to-front longitudinally mounted V12 engine and gearbox, independent double wishbone suspension all round and rigid space frame, it was easily the fastest production car around, reaching a claimed 190mph.
Like its predecessor, the car quickly found favour with enthusiastic drivers and wealthy playboys alike. One of Lamborghini's most loyal customers was Formula One race team owner Walter Wolf, who owned several examples, one of which was modified for him by the factory to be quicker still. Suspension revisions allowed the fitting of much wider wheels mounted with Pirelli's brand new P7 tyre, designed especially for this car. Flared wheel arches sprouted from the flanks to cover these enormous new wheels, the likes of which had never before been seen on the road, and at the front an air dam was fitted, while a huge delta wing sprouted from the rear bootlid. With engine modifications, Wolf reckoned his car was fast enough to be competitive at Le Mans. Lessons learned from Wolf's car were put into practice with the introduction of the S variant, essentially a cosmetic replica.
This is the second Countach built out of the 5000 S series, and has had only one registered owner since it left the factory at Santa Agatha in February 1984, headed to Germany.
It was taken off the road in 1990 and carefully stored in a dehumidified garage ever since, but nevertheless run on borrowed dealers' plates, as well as repaired and serviced as it should. Today its mileage is in the region of 51,800 kilometres, including just 1,500 kilometres since 1990.
The car is finished in white, with white leather interior, white wheels and rear spoiler.
Apart from regular services, the following work has been done to the car, while in storage: the engine was taken out and rebuilt, the head gaskets were replaced and a new clutch was fitted. Immediately prior to its consignment with Coys, the owner had the whole car mechanically revised, to ensure that it runs as well as it looks. An itemised list of this work, including new tyres, battery, new master cylinders &c., is in the car's file.
Described as a great beauty, and ready to be used and enjoyed right now, this is an incredible opportunity to buy a single owner 5000 S – arguably the best model to own out all Lamborghini Countachs. A superb supercar indeed, and totally accident free.

Dieses 2. Fahrzeug der Serie 5000 S hat bis heute nur einen eingetragenen Eigentümer seit es in 1984 das Werk verließ und in Deutschland als Neuwagen verkauft wurde.
Seit 1990 ist der Wagen abgemeldet und in einer entfeuchteten Garage untergebracht, jedoch wurden Reparatur - und Service - Arbeiten regelmäßig ausgeführt, darunter in 1993 eine komplette Motor - Revision, neue Kupplung, neue Kopfdichtungen usw.
Außerdem wurden extra im Auftrag des Eigentümers vor der heutigen Auktion weitere umfangreiche Arbeiten durchgeführt, für welche eine Liste im Dossier vorhanden ist, um sicher zu stellen, dass der Wagen ebensogut läuft ( und bremst ! ) wie er aussieht.
Dieser Countach ist in der Tat fantastisch und bietet die wohl äußerst seltene Gelegenheit ein solches Fahrzeug aus 1. Hand zu erwerben und dies aus der wohl meistgesuchtesten Serie, der 5000 S Spezifikation. Ein wirkliches Superauto und total unfallfrei.

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