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Friday, 15 May 2015

1952 Fiat 1100 Pick-up -Coys Auction 16/05/15


1952 FIAT 1100 PICK-UP

 210 - 1952 Fiat 1100 Pick-up 

 Estimate: £10,000 - £14,000

Registration Number: Italian Registered
Chassis Number: TBA
The Fiat 1100 was first introduced in 1937 as an updated version of the 508 “Balilla” with a look similar to the 1936 Fiat 500 “Topolino” and the larger 1500, with the typical late-thirties heart-shaped front grille, with styling by the emerging designer Dante Giacosa. It was powered by a 1,089 cc four-cylinder overhead-valve engine rather than the earlier Balilla's 1-litre unit.
Drive was to the rear wheels through a four-speed gearbox, and for the period, its comfort, handling, and performance were prodigious, making it “the only people's car that was also a driver's car”. Unusual for a modestly priced car of the time was the independent front suspension, while the rear had a leaf sprung live axle. Subsequently the car underwent a partial restyling around the front end and gained new streamlined window-shaped louvres and was renamed the 1100B and was popularly known as the “1100 musone”. After World War II, in 1949, the car was re-introduced with a curvy trunk and new name, the 1100E. The 1100E also received a bit more power, and now had 35 PS (26 kW). Both the 508C and the 1100B were also available as the long wheelbase 508L which was mainly used for vans and taxis.
The car on offer today is a Fiat 1100 in the pick-up version with wood panels, with the body in good condition having benefitted from a repaint some 7 years ago. This body style is one of the most beautiful versions of the Fiat 1100 used for commercial work with the condition of the engine in good order and we are informed the driving experience is very good too.
For further information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales department.
 210 - 1952 Fiat 1100 Pick-up
210 - 1952 Fiat 1100 Pick-up

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