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Monday, 13 April 2015

1922 ANZANI 175cc - Coys Techno Classica 18-04-15

102 - 1922 Anzani 175cc  
1922 ANZANI 175cc
Estimate: €10,000 - €14,000
Registration Number: Not Registered
Chassis Number: AT208

Alessandro Anzani Ambrose was a designer, entrepreneur and Italian motorcycle racer. He made the first three-cylinder engine in 1907 and is remembered as one of the most brilliant designers of the pioneering era of combustion engines. Although best known as the inventor, was also the first driver to claim the title of world champion of motorcycling, in 1905.
In 1905, driving a motorcycle with Alcyon Buchet 330 cc single-cylinder engine, which he developed, set a record speed of 100 km / h. The test was carried out to test the new performance standards resulting from the recent limitation to 1/3 litre, imposed by sports authorities for motorcycle racing. A few weeks later, he showed up with one Anzani Alcyon 330 in the first edition of a motorcycle race called “Championnat du Monde de moto”, which was held on July 13th, 1905 on the velodrome Zurenborg, in the south-eastern outskirts of Antwerp . Favoured by the fall in the race Belgian ace Jan Olieslagers and crossing the line ahead of teammate André Pernette, Anzani conquered the victory, becoming the first world champion in the history of motorcycling and quickly gaining international notoriety and fame. Until World War II, production is diversified, with a range of V engines and star up to 20 cylinders.

This rare Anzani motorcycle is offered today in exceptional condition, the vendor confirms the bike has never been restored and still retains, almost 100 years later, in wonderful order. This is a rare piece, developed by one of the masters, who's genes that have shaped the history and passion of engine development. This motorcycle is equipped its single-cylinder engine n. 6986 which has a magnificent patina.
Dieses hier angebotene, seltene Anzani Motorrad befindet sich in einem außerordentlichen Zustand, der Verkäufer bestätigt, dass das Rad nie restauriert wurde und sich dennoch, fast 100 Jahre später, in wunderbarer Verfassung befindet. Dies ist ein seltenes Stück, das von einem der Meister seines Fachs entwickelt wurde, welcher die Geschichte und Leidenschaft der Motorentwicklung mitgestaltet hat. Dieses Motorrad ist mit einem Einzylindermotor Nr. 6986 ausgestattet mit glänzender Patina.
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 102 - 1922 Anzani 175cc 102 - 1922 Anzani 175cc
102 - 1922 Anzani 175cc


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