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Friday, 20 March 2015


  Silverstone Auctions Restoration and Classic Car Sale 
Registration: JPR 171V
Chassis Number: 8T03T128294
Engine Number: 653778
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 33000
Year of Manufacture: 1968
Estimate (£): 14,000 - 16,000

The Ford Mustang was conceived in the full knowledge that in the mid-'60s the biggest population bubble in history was now coming of age in America, ‘baby boomers' would rule the '60s and there was little or no reason to think they wanted to drive cars that were anything like the ones their parents owned.
The iconic Ford Mustang therefore created a storm when it hit the streets and it still does to this day. Ford wanted to make the Mustang affordable and therefore it needed to share much of its engineering with an existing Ford product. They decided to base the Mustang on the smallest US Ford at the time, the Falcon.
The Mustang was initially offered as either a ‘notchback' coupĂ© or convertible. It shared its front double-wishbone/coil spring and leaf spring rear suspension with the Falcon. Compared to the Falcon the cockpit sat further back on the chassis, resulting in a longer front end and shorter rear end design and both its roof and bonnet were also lower in comparison. It's with those proportions and detailed with such iconic touches as the galloping horse in the grille, the cut away side detailing and the rear lights divided into three sections, that the Mustang became a car that people were instantly passionate about.
This 6 cylinder example was built in 1968 at the Metuchen, New Jersey Plant. The car was imported to the UK in 1980 and has remained here since. It appears to be in generally original condition and well maintained thoughout it's life.
Owned by our vendor since 2011, the car in his ownership has continued to be well maintained with the recent fitment of new Koni Shock absorbers and a brake system refurbishment in 2012.
Presented in good usable condition, the car is prime for being enjoyed on sunny days (as our vendor has), or equally would be an excellent restoration project for someone.
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