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Saturday 28 February 2015


 Classic Car Auctions hold their inaugural sale at The International Pits at Silverstone Circuit on Tuesday 3rd March. The sale will be hosted by Quentin Wilson who will bring the hammer down on the first lot.
Classic Car Auctions (CCA) is a specialist auction house for the sale of 'everyman' classic cars to a value of approximately £25,000.
Viewing: 3rd March 2015 between 09:00 and 14:30
Auction: 3rd March 2015
14:00 onwards
Sale type: Classic Motor Cars
Offered for sale is a 1.6L 1957 Volkswagen T2 Pickup/race-car transporter manual that has been with the current owner for the last 2 years. Coming with a partial history file, this lot's condition scores 82 / 135.

Classic Car Auctions says:

This 1957 VW T2 pickup was imported to the UK from the USA in 1993, restored by the then owner over a period four years and was UK registered at the beginning of 1998 since when, according to the pile of MOT certificates (along with the tax discs) from the date of registration, it has completed a little over 8,000 miles in 17 years.
**Please note that the photos show a Lotus 11 on the back of the Pickup/ transporter, the Lotus 11 is not included in the sale, it is shown for example purposes only. Also just to make it perfectly clear for any potential purchaser that this Pick up/ transporter is ideally a single seater transporter and a large vehicle may not fit.**
This T2 pickup was purchased by the current owner in April 2013 and was the culmination of his long hunt to find a VW Split-screen pickup which was structurally sound, whilst having the slightly down at heel look he sought, to reflect the condition of a race transporter used by one of the single-seater racers who drove from race to race around Europe in the mid to late sixties. He then spent around £5,000 to have a custom conversion designed and carried out to turn the pickup into a set-up that would honour the period 60's transporters whilst being appreciably safer and more sophisticated in the way it was built and operated. A new Warrior electric winch is fitted, complete with wired and wireless remote controls for single handed loading.
A change of his racing plans means that someone else has the opportunity to use this transporter as it is intended.
The pickup is sure to be welcome in the Paddock at the Goodwood Revival and the many similar events now staged around the world, especially if it has a period single-seater on it! 
The final decision to be made by the new owner will be whether to fit a full set of uprated, adjustable shock absorbers, or invest in adjustable air suspension, either just for the rear or all round.
The drivers of many scruffy looking, but valuable "Rat Look" VW's fit air suspension to drop their T2's almost to the floor, this pickup would use the same technology to level it!
The engine is a twin port 1,641cc, much more capable of travelling loaded than the original 1,100cc engine...
The interior is believed to be original and comes with a new but period tank tape repair to a split in the vinyl seat base!
A fully restored pickup, complete with Formula V was up for sale at over 200,000 Euros in 2013 and appears to have sold, so if someone wanted to drop the period look the current owner created and go for a "good as new" look, there is plenty of leeway. So many options and parts are available from the classic VW specialists that you can tailor this unique vehicle to suit your taste and pocket.
Attached in the lot listing as you scroll down are some 5 photos of similar VW T2 Pick up/ transporters in period.

Further information available by visiting: Volkswagen T2 Pick-up/Race Car Transporter
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